If you know someone with eczema and you tell them about our balm......well let's just say, they will be happy.
Made with Manuka oil, safe for all ages and skin types.

A 100gram jar that lasts about a year, and a money back guarantee!
Great for
*Eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis as well as acne.
* Dry troubled skin
* Age spots
* Burns, bites and rashes.
* Nappy rash
* dry cracked heels
And it has a 100% money back guarantee if you don't love it.
You have nothing to lose except the stress a skin condition causes. Just go to www.dreamtimesoaps.com
You will love it.
Made here in W.A. and not one nasty additive or preservative. Completely natural.
You could eat it. But don't.
Or you could spoil ypurself with a lovely soap box, 6 gorgeous handcrafted soaps.

Gorgeous soap boxes at a gorgeous price.
Gorgeous soap boxes at a gorgeous price.
The Miracle Manuka Balm.
The Miracle Manuka Balm.