Conjures up a horrible image doesn't it?!

It is draining to read so imagine spending a considerable amount of your day in a space like that.

It might sound like an overdramatised infomercial however the truth of the matter is that this grey lifeless world used to be the norm in a workplace. 

"Aesthetic matters are fundamental for the harmonious development of both society and the individual."

- Friedrich Schiller - 

I do not work in a grey world.

I look around my own office and there is life and inspiration everywhere. 

There is beautiful locally, handmade art hanging on my walls, rich green indoor plants scattered throughout the space, at the edge of my desk a candle is burning; its warm flickering light spreading the rich aroma of lemongrass and Persian lime through the room, my fish Sebastian, little as he may be has a big personality, swims laps of his bowl, all the while my speakers churn out whatever Spotify playlist is currently tickling my fancy - today we have gentle piano sounds, designed to keep you focused on the task at hand. 

The Perth Makers Market common room also brims with colour, personality and comfort. It is a welcoming, bright and uplifting.

This is a very different picture to the one I painted previously and the research shows that the space I work within by contrast, is a great deal better for me.
Let me explain.

There is much research and thought now being put into the field of workplace aesthetics with studies showing there are strong links between an employee's physical environment, workplace culture, productivity and health and well being. It has been shown that a workplace that has been set up with a focus on aesthetics to improve the experience of the employee can stimulate creativity and drive performance. 

Also it is a no brainer that an environment that produces a happy employee encourages greater job satisfaction which is reflected in reduced sick leave and workplace accidents. 

There are workplace environments of course where aesthetics are impractical or clinically impossible but for the standard office space where the option is available why not explore how workplace aesthetics can improve your business.

There are many ways in which you can improve aesthetics that have an ongoing positive effect and it doesn't have to cost you the Earth. Consider when shopping for office items what your spending habits are encouraging. Will you choose artwork that is mass produced and without meaning or will you commission or purchase a piece from a local artist. One choice does nothing to support our local small businesses the other does. Will you buy indoor plants from a large chain store or support a small independent nursery?

Here at Perth Makers Market we are passionate about supporting local small businesses that handcraft their produce and encourage everyone to feel and do the same. Supporting our artisans and independents encourages a more ethical approach to waste and positive growth within our state economy. So not only do I charge you with the task of improving the aesthetics of your workplace but also doing it in conjunction with supporting and shopping local.

Here are 4 easy things you can look at improving in your workplace...


Studies have revealed that exposure to natural light for 13-15mins encourages the release of endorphins - the happy hormone. If you are lucky enough to have an office with a window or two make sure that light is streaming in and even consider furniture placement based on available natural light.

Another important thing to consider is the type of artificial lighting being used. Cooler toned lighting closely mimics that of the sun and has been shown to improve alertness levels among employees. 


Surroundings without colour is a missed opportunity not only in improving workplace productivity but also in company branding. Creating a space that has the capacity do both means not only are you promoting your company through aesthetics but also encouraging a strong workforce.

Colours have been shown to be able to provoke feelings of calm, focus, stability, optimism and even hunger. It is therefore important to know what the splash of colour on your walls is promoting. 


The presence of plants in a workplace has been shown to have a significant effect on employee productivity and wellbeing.

Research indicates that plants increase creativity, with the suggestion that it is the result of the human mind feeling calmer in the presence of green foliage and is therefore able to think more creatively. Tasks are finished faster and with less fault as focus and concentration is improved. Stress and anxiety levels are reduced and BONUS plants produce cleaner air resulting in both a physically and psychologically healthier environment.


Enabling employees to have some freedoms in the aesthetics they are surrounded by has proven to be a very important element of workplace aesthetics. 

Allowing a employee who is a parent to hang a picture their child has painted for them in their office can be empowering. It gives the employee a sense of control in a space that is not theirs. It has also been shown to provide solace when privacy is an issue due to office layout. 

Personalisation encourages emotional comfort and can help an employee withstand daily work stresses or distractions.

Imagine creating a difference to your workplace productivity by opening the blinds, painting a wall blue, buying a leafy green plant or two from an independent nursery and letting your employee bring their own mug that they made in a pottery class. 
Great change bought on by the simplicity of considering workplace aesthetics as a greater tool to your business than just creating a pretty room.

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