Meet Mike Caban; Owner Operator of of High Spirits Distillery!!! 

Mike is the owner operator of High Spirits Distillery. A chef by trade, Mike's passion and love for creating and developing flavourful recipes does not stop at food. 

After becoming incorporated in 2015, they have had their Triticale Vodka and Dry Gin on the market since August 2017.
High Spirits Distillery started small by procuring used dairy equipment for mashing. Focussing their efforts on securing the very best grain and raw material they work with to create their spirits, they found their perfect fit on bio-dynamic Triticale from a local WA farmer.

The sustainable farming practices were attractive and aligned with Mikes' personal values. With a local focus, reusing used equipment and a bit of hard work they gleefully released their first spirits in August 2017.

Mikes' journey to starting his very own distillery started with his passion for flavours.

Home-brewing for several years as well as distilling for approximately 7 years gave Mike a taste of what could be. "I was at a 9-5 office job in the city where the thought of running my own distillery occupied my every waking hour". 

"The requirement to create something for people to enjoy, the joy I get from watching people tasting (and enjoying it with them!) as well as my want for something more than just being a corporate robot lead me in this direction and I haven’t looked back!".

High Spirits Distillery operates out of a 113sqm warehouse in Welshpool. Mike is quick to point out that it's "not exactly the distilling capital of Australia, but we all must start somewhere!" - Very true! 
Mike believes all producers have something he can learn from. "I especially enjoy the products from some Tasmanian distilleries and appreciate the spirit hub they have created down there.". 

When asked what inspires him, Mike reflects on his many years as a chef and experience in the hospitality environment. “The sheer amount of unexplored terrain distillers have ahead of them is immense. I like to rock the boat and (hopefully) shake up the traditionalists and show a them that things don’t always have to remain as they are. The exploration and innovation of new ways to do things is really at the heart of our operation.” 
As is the nature of many businesses, Mike has clear goals for the future broken into the near, as well as long off term. "I hope we can build High Spirits into a profitable, sustainable business that I can leave for my children to carry on (if they so wish). I hope the whisky we put down turns out well too!". 
Words of wisdom?

"Plan lots! Prepare to go without a wage for a set period and put yourself out there. People don’t know you're there, so make sure you get in front of as many people you can, as often as you can. Be honest and transparent. Operate with total integrity both in your products, and yourself."


You can find High Spirits Distillery spirits at Cellar (roller) Door 6/96 President St Welshpool, Independent retailers around Perth, or email with your location for a stockist near you.