The Story of Illegal Tender Rum Co.
In the world of spirits, some stories are as smooth and flavourful as the beverages themselves. Today, we invite you to step into the world of Codie and Hayley Palmer, the creative minds behind Illegal Tender Rum Co., an all-Australian spirits company on a mission to produce top-tier small-batch rum using 100% Australian ingredients.

In this blog feature, we'll tell you about their journey, their unique approach to crafting spirits, and their passion for showcasing locally made products.

Codie Palmer, a qualified Instrumentation Electrician, combined a family legacy in engineering and farming with a decade-long obsession for distilling. This evolved into Illegal Tender Rum Co., with the help of partner Hayley and family too. Their mission was clear: to create exceptional spirits while keeping the proceeds Down Under.
Codie's engineering prowess and over a decade of distilling experience led to the creation of "The Beast," a four-plate Column Still with a capacity of over 1000 litres. This magnificent kettle plays a pivotal role in producing their rums and spirits. The process unfolds in two stages.

The first stage, the "stripping run," rapidly extracts alcohol from the ferment, swiftly discarding undesirable components. The second distillation is where the magic happens. Codie introduces water, but not just any water—his secret technique incorporates the reuse of "feints and some Lee's" to craft the flavour profile of each new batch. Over 3-5 days this second distillation fully taps into The Beast's potential, ensuring a spirit that's rich in flavour and velvety smooth.
The unwanted flavours (the tails) are left behind well before they can taint the precious rum, ensuring the purest product.

Codie's journey took a bold turn when he decided to leave his job, parting with his house, car, and more, to finance this dream. His path crossed with various distillers who highlighted the challenges of the industry. Still, a serendipitous meeting with another passionate Western Australian distiller served as the catalyst for Codie's decision to pursue his dream full-time.
As a small business owner, one of the biggest challenges for Illegal Tender Rum Co. has been navigating the complex regulatory environment, particularly excise taxes, which can be a significant burden. Balancing compliance with the need for growth and innovation has been a continuous endeavour.

The future holds exciting prospects for Illegal Tender Rum Co. Their goals include expanding their horizons through business growth, crafting the finest, uniquely West Australian spirits and beverages, and keeping profits within Australia. They're here to make your spirits soar while ensuring every drop is 100% Aussie.
What do Codie and Hayley love most about the Perth Makers Market? The atmosphere, the people, and the ability to showcase a locally made, Western Australian-based product to new crowds.

Illegal Tender Rum Co. proudly wears 24 World Spirit Awards as a badge of honour, securing its place as a global standout. Among these accolades, three World's Best titles shine within the competitive Column Still Rum 2–5-year category. While renowned for its exceptional rum, the distillery also boasts a diverse repertoire, including gin and an exquisite coffee liqueur, adding even more flavour to its illustrious profile.

Illegal Tender Rum Co. are not just crafting spirits; they're crafting excellence, passion, and a connection to their community. To learn more about their remarkable journey and explore their award-winning products, visit their website here

You can also find them at our upcoming Christmas Twilight Market, on 17 November at Supreme Court Gardens from 4pm – 9pm.

See you there!