Meet Ms Amiia: A Blend of Tradition and Creativity at Perth Makers Market

When it comes to creativity and craftsmanship, Ms Amiia is a name that stands out at Perth Makers Market. Led by Amiia Nguyen, the business, known as Ms Amiia, brings together the traditional art of origami with the modern flair of jewellery design. As we inch closer to the next market event on September 24, 2023, we wanted to take a moment to spotlight Amiia and her unique creations.

A Journey Sparked by Inspiration

Amiia's journey into origami jewellery began with inspiration from a friend who started crafting jewellery in polymer clay. Intrigued by the concept, Amiia discovered a course on origami jewellery, and she immediately knew this was something she wanted to pursue. With a lifelong love for creating things with paper and a particular fondness for origami, she embarked on this creative path.

In Amiia's words: "Like paper, our life may get folded in any direction, so fold it in the way you choose".

The Art of Paper and Silver

Ms Amiia's jewellery is proof of what can happen when you combine true craftsmanship with creativity. Working mainly with Japanese Washi paper or Korean Hanji paper, Amiia crafts exquisite pieces, infusing them with a blend of tradition and modernity. The findings are mostly sterling silver, with occasional iron accents mentioned explicitly in the product details.

Juggling Passion and Profession

For now, Ms Amiia remains a delightful side venture for Amiia, allowing her to blend her love for creation with her daily life. While the venture sprouted from passion and fun, she dreams of a future where her craft becomes her primary source of livelihood.

Challenges on the Path

Every artist and business owner faces their set of challenges. For Amiia, mastering the art of social media remains her biggest hurdle. But, as with her craft, we're confident she'll fold and mould this challenge into another beautiful journey.

What Makes Perth Makers Market Special?

When asked about her fondness for Perth Makers Market, Amiia's face lights up. "It’s vibrant and lively," she says. She cherishes the camaraderie among stallholders, the friendliness of marketgoers, and the unwavering support from the wonderful staff members.
Go Give Her a Follow

Eager to see her creations or perhaps get a piece for yourself? Take a look into her collection on her Instagram page @love.msamiia.

Join us for Perth Makers Market on September 24th at Goolugatup Heathcote Applecross and meet the incredible Amiia in person. Witness the union of paper and jewellery, and perhaps, take a piece of her story home with you!